Thursday, March 30, 2006

End of the Week...

Well tomorrow is Friday. I'm so glad. I love Fridays. I can't wait to spend my weekend with Samantha. I don't mind at all that I've given up my going out on Friday nights. I have such a good time just hanging out with my Sam. Although this weekend we'll be quite busy. We're going upstate because its my dads birthday. Samantha got her grandpa a great gift. It was also really fun picking out her first "Happy Birthday Grandpa" card. Hope he likes it... My plan is for Sam to try out her exersaucer this weekend and her new Maclaren stroller that she hasn't been big enough for yet. Don't worry...we'll post pictures. And Sunday my friend Melissa is visiting. Danielle, Emma Kate, Sam, and I are all going to Westchester to see her and her kids. It'll be fun. And the weather is supposed to be great and really warm. The only bad thing is that we lose an hour of sleep, the thing I really need lately. Oh well. I should be sleeping now, but I'm not of course. I always stay up way too late. It's almost the weekend...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things...

Nothing is like seeing my daughter smile.

Whats even better is falling asleep with Samantha and waking up with her in my arms.

I didn’t think giving birth was that bad.

Most people don’t believe me when I say that.

I wish there were more hours in a day.

And more days in the weekend.

I love high heels

Lately I’ve been tivoing dawsons creek.

Except at the end of a long day.

I always look for rainbows.

For my daughters birthdays I want to wake her up with a cupcake each year.

I love sitting on the couch with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

I still like the music I listened to in high school.

I actually don’t know any of the new bands.

I’m only 26 and already old.

Even though I don’t know any new bands, I love teenage shows, such as One Tree Hill.

I finally stopped watching reality television.

I love going for long walks.

I really love going to see movies alone.

I though I loved fried dough but I had it recently and I don’t love it anymore.

Hot dogs with sauerkraut = yum.

I wish I liked to exercise.

At least I like to walk.

I wish I could spend more time with Samantha.

I hate sending her to daycare, even though I do trust them.

I could not brush my hair and it still wouldn’t be knotty.

I love to read, but since getting pregnant and having a baby I don’t read nearly as much as I used to.

I have listened to Every Rose Has Its Thorn on my ipod about a million times.

I don’t mean to worry so much over everything.

I can’t help it, it makes me feel better, like I’ve thought about every possible scenario and decided how to deal with it.

It drives Tim crazy, I wish it didn’t.

I wish Tim had off sometimes on a Saturday night and we had time to just relax together.

Even though I say that I can’t help overplanning all of our free time.

I love fitted t shirts in the spring and fall.

And flip flops in the summer.

I love the beach but I don’t love going in the water.

I wish I made more time to ski – next year.

I love sushi – especially with roe, and crunch.

I’ll try almost any food. Even though in high school I didn’t even eat fish.

I secretly want to go sky diving and bungee jumping.

I love my job.

I wish I owned an apartment, but feel like I never will.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My cuties...

Well tonight was one of Tims night off. Before Sam Tim only had one night off, it was always different, and we never knew until the last minute when he would have off. Of course, it was never a weekend. Now that Sam is here and that I'm working he always had Tues and Wed off. It is so nice. They are our nights to relax, have a glass of wine, and just hang out together. It is really fun to hang out just the three of us. By the time he goes back to work, Thurs. I feel like the week is almost over. Its such a nice way to break up the week. It really makes it easy that I am working. Look how cute Tim and Sam are. Again she's staying up late though... why is she still up? Here's another pic of her with her deer-in-headlights look.
She's way too cute - I can hardly deal with it.

Look at those cheeks!

All better!

Believe it or not Samantha is all better! She had trouble going to sleep last night (didn’t sleep until almost midnight) But then she slept until almost 11 this morning! My lazy baby... I think she takes after Tim. : ) And today she is mucous free, and back to her normal happy baby self! I’m so glad. Tim is off with her today and that’s so good that she’s better because then they can have fun together. It’s such a nice day out that she really needs to go outside. Maybe spring is finally here?? I hope so. I brought out my new khaki trench coat and am ready for the warm weather. Samantha is dying to wear her new jean jacket (that she got the day she was born). It’s been sitting in her closet just waiting for a fall or spring day! Maybe she’ll wear it this weekend. This whole spring weather thing makes me want to buy new clothes, for her of course, not for me. Maybe we’ll go to the Children’s Place, we have a credit there.

Samantha and I need some more mom/baby friends. We really don’t know many people with babies Sams age. That is my new goal. Try to find new mom/baby friends who we can go out and do things with. I’m not sure exactly how to do this but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Either that or we’ll just get over the whole thing. There’s a group called Big city moms that we might try. We need to find something in Brooklyn, oh well, maybe one of these days we’ll come across something in Brooklyn. There must be moms there, we just can’t find them!

We have to decide in a week if we are moving or staying in our apartment, big decision. Moving is such a big annoying process, but I do want Samantha to have more room. We’ll probably stay for now. Things are going to be crowded once I get her exersaucer, which I think I will get this weekend. I heard you can use it at 4 months, which Samantha is almost 4 months. She is going to love it, I can’t wait. Will post pics after she tries it out, of course.

Monday, March 27, 2006

My poor sick girl

Samantha is sick. She is so sad. She woke up last night with a fever and runny nose and couldn't sleep. We slept on and off together. Today I left work early to stay with her because we couldn't send her to daycare when she's sick. Poor Sam. She looks so sad. And tonight will probably be a hard night too...its 10:52 and she will not go to sleep! Cross your fingers that she will go to sleep soon, and that her dad will come home soon! Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

I love you Sam, your mommy wants you to feel better soon!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Truly Outrageous...

Samanthy loves these...

Samantha has been eyeing these cute t-shirts for months. They would go great with her new khakis.

Weekend Fun...

These are some pictures from our fun weekend. We went out to breakfast with Jim & Lisa and went walking, then into the city.

Here's me with my mom, we have fun on the weekends, I like to stay up so I can spend as much time with her as possible.

Here's me playing, I was doing my "tummy time" but I got frustrated. I have rolled over twice without any help, but I still can't do it regularly, even though I'm very advanced for my age (I think I'm Mensa)

Thanks Sally for the great tummy time mat!

Favorite Friends

My playgroup, I wish I could see them more

New friend Gabe...I'm the "older baby"

Some of you have to visit more!

Sams Family Pics

Me & Uncle Peter: he's so fun, he'll teach me how to play softball one day soon.

Uncle Brian & Stacey - we're going to get him to hold me soon, that's my goal!

Aunt Katie & Mike - they're going to babysit for me soon, I bet they'll let me stay up late.

Cousin Courtney: I bet she'll teach me how to do all sorts of fun things when I'm a little bigger, I can't wait!

I Love You Guys

We're sleepy...

Well my wonderful daughter who always sleeps through the night hardly slept at all last night. She was up every hour or so, it was exhausting. We (kind of) slept on the couch on and off. Now it's 2 pm and she still has not slept except for a 1/2 hour. What's the matter with her. She seems happy. She's playing with her rattle and sucking on her hands just hanging out. Oh well. At least it was on a day when I didn't have to go to work the next day.

All of our plans for today have now been cancelled. We were supposed to go to Central Park and then walk around in Dumbo. Samantha needs to find a birthday gift for her Grandpa, she has lots of good ideas...

Sams Wish List

1 - Baby Bach CD
2 - Tiny Love Elephant Stack n Play
3 - Lamb Blankie from Red Envelope
4 - New Formula case
5 - New rain/wind cover for stroller

*This is Sams Christmas list, I know she's very early this year, but she never sent one in last year so it's okay.

How cute is this, I'm debating getting it for her for Easter:

Maybe this can be her 1/2 birthday gift, I think she's a bit young for it yet but she really wants it...

I Miss Grandpa

PS - If anyone else buys her clothing that mentions them on it she will miss you too (probably).

Big Day Out...

Now that I'm working I try to make the most of all our time together. Yesterday we went to look at apartments to buy at 10 AM (and Tim came too) We're never actually outside the apartment that early on the weekend. It was unsuccessful, but still fun to walk around and just be outside with Sam. Then we went to Wallse for brunch with Louise. Sam was so wel behaved I was very proud to be her mother. Everyone came over and said how beautiful she was, of course we already knew that. She didn't cry the whole time we were eating (I guess her normal food radar wasn't going off). We had a great time and the food there of course is so yummy. Then we strapped on the Baby Bjorn and took the subway home. Samantha happens to love the subway, I think it must be the movement. We got home and took a much needed nap together on the recliner (my favorite way to nap these days).

by the way everyone should go to Wallse, we love it there. Brunch is fantastic too. Try the schnitzle and salzburger for dessert.

Poor Me...

Well I've gone back to work. It is so sad to leave Sam every day. I cannot believe that I'm away from her 45 hours a week and not only that I'm paying someone ELSE to be with her instead. Poor Sam. Actually poor me even more. She's probably fine. I tell myself that shes not fine because she doesn't like me but she instead is just too young to know any better. I actually do like my job, a lot. Samantha will be good at interacting with other children at daycare and I'll get the interaction with other people and the great advantages of working. So although my sane self knows that I'm not ruining my child and their are advantages to working I just wish there were more hours in a day. If we could make that happen I would be happier. What do you think the chances are?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First XMas

Our first Christmas as a real family. Yeah, it was almost 3 months ago, but I just wanted to post some pictures from it. Sam was only 1 week old on XMas. Next year should be so fun, she'll be a year old and really get to enjoy it. Can't wait...

Jumpity Jumpsters...

Well I was so excited this weekend to try out Samanthas jumpster. The box said you need to be able to hold your head up to use it. Well since my daughter happens to be a world champion head holder upper, I thought it was time to break out the jumpster. We were at my parents so we brought it downstairs and my dad set it up. She loved it, she was bouncing and smiling and having a grand old time. After she had been in it awhile her mother (me) decided to read the directions (I know you should do that first but it seemed pretty simple). Well the directions said they need to be able to sit up to use it. Who knew? The outside I swear said just holding the head up. So, alas, the jumpster will have to wait another month or so. Unwillingly we took it down and left it at my parents for now. But heres a pic of my adorable daughter enjoying herself, although it was a little premature.

Oscar Night

Well Samantha went to her first Oscar party. She was very well behaved, and had a designer dress (allright it was from Old Navy, close enough). She still looked very pretty and even won the Newcomer of the Year Award and she would not put it down all night. She did not stay up until it was over, she fell asleep on the red carpet, oh well, it was past her bed time. She was very happy that Reese won, we saw that movie when I was pregnant and Sam kicked throughout the whole thing! She loved it! She wasn't thrilled about the "Hard For a Pimp" song that won, it's not her favorite kind of music, she prefers Baby Mozart, too bad that wasn't up for any awards, maybe in the Grammys next year.

We LOVE Samantha

I decided to start this blog so friends and family can see what Sam is up to. She is doing very exciting things. She's smiling and almost laughing. I can tell she's going to laugh any day now. She makes noises and smiles so much and kicks her legs that I can tell the actual laugh is just looming. I can't wait. I'm hoping she'll do it before I go back to work (only days away). All I need to do is look at her and she erupts into tons of smiles. It's the cutest thing ever. She looks at things so intently you can just tell that she is learning every minute. It is amazing.