Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Worst Blogger

Wow, I know I've been the worst blogger. I remember the days when I was working and I would come home and write witty posts (well I thought they were witty). Now I don't work and the best I can manage is to post pictures, gosh, I don't even get comments anymore. So now, if you will start commenting again I will write again about all the wonderful things Samantha is doing.

She will be one in a few weeks and I am planning her birthday party. Some of her favorite things are clapping hands, waving, playing peek a boo, and having me chase her. Except when we play peek a boo she misses her face and covers her head, it is very very cute. And I really think she's starting to say Ma ma and actually mean me, sometimes, maybe, sort of... She is actually learning new things practically every day, which brings me to...

Last night she took three steps by herself, she walked back and forth from me to Tim a few times, she fell after those steps but I think we are on the brink of walking... I will probably hate myself later for saying this but right now... I can't wait.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Off to New York

We're off to NYC to see Uncle Peter for a few days. We'll have pics to document how Sam likes the Big Apple now thats she's older... so check back, that is if you're still checking since I've been so bad at blogging. Sorry. I'm sure witht he holidays coming I will be much better and will take many many pics of Sam.

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