Friday, June 30, 2006

This month Sam will:

Sensory/ Intellectual
explore cause-and-effect through dropping games and other activities
try feeding herself using a pincer grasp
listen selectively to commonly used words

Dropping Games
This month your baby will enjoy dropping things and watching them fall. Pick it up and he'll drop it again.

Amazing as it seems, dropping helps your baby to understand an object's characteristics. Your baby is also learning that his actions make things happen. This is the scientific principle known as cause-and-effect. And your baby is developing a memory of the object. Remembering that it still exists as it falls through the air and lands on the floor.

Reaching with One Hand
As your baby masters sitting up, you'll notice that he's beginning to grab things with one hand, instead of two. This step allows your little guy to make all kinds of new discoveries. Holding a toy with only one hand means that he can use the other to do something useful. Push a button, for example, or pull a lever. In the next few months, he'll get much better at using his hands as tools.

Fingers are tools, too. Around this age, she may also begin picking up small things by pressing his thumb against the base of his pointer finger. This is called the scissors grasp.

Hearing and Language
Your seven-month-old is a remarkably good listener. That's why he's already making big strides toward learning how language works. He listens carefully to the words he hears most often, like "mommy," "daddy" and his own name.

Amazingly, your baby knows the sound of some familiar words. Your seven-month-old is already learning to pick out where words begin and end. The next step is understanding what words mean. Word comprehension usually begins between eight and ten months.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

My daughter - the feminine one

Sam has started grunting while eating. If I don't shovel it in fast enough she makes this wierd whine/grunt noise. It is probably the least feminine thing I've ever heard.
She also grabs the spoon like a crazy person to get it faster, and tries to stick both her hands in her mouth while eating. Yeah, my daughter is the epitome of etiquette. And it's not like I don't feed her. She is eating all the time, you've seen her cheeks, the girl likes her food. Oh yeah, she also bites the spoon as you feed her too now, and tries to grab the food also. I'm trying to understand how the grunting and grabbing make the food taste better but I really don't. After she does it a few times I think she kind of likes the noise because then she won't stop for a little while. My little girly girl who wears dresses more often than most will not stop grunting...
I'm hoping by the time she's a teenager she'll stop.

Feeding her is kind of like a sport, you hold one hand down, navigate around the other, wrestle the spoon from her teeth, and you have to do it all really quickly. I think I might be developing my arm muscles with this. (That works out well I should feed her more and exercise less)

It's a good thing she's so cute.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A rare quiet moment

Sams first plane ride

She was great on the plane, she's getting really active now, so she always needs to be entertained, but she didn't cry...she was very good as long as we were playing with her.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Our vacation

well our vacation was great. We went to Florida. Sam was great on her first flight, she was so good the people behind us did not even realize we had a baby. She loved the beach, even though it was so hot. She was great as we dragged her along to shopping, dinners, walks, and the beach. This girl is so adaptable its amazing. As long as I had her food she was fine. And I always did, of course. Many pictures and details to come. I'm already planning our next family vacation this winter.

My little girl

Sam loves swimming...

she loved the beach...the pool...loved it all...we have got to get this girl to swimming lessons.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crying + Tooth = Tired Mommy

Sam was up from 1 to 4 last night, nothing was helping her to feel better. And, she's not napping today, isn't she tired?? I am! She slept for a combined total of 30 min so far today. No rest for mommy. Thank God I'm not working right now, how do people do this and get up for work the next day?

Also, this picture is not Britney Spears style, we were in a parking lot waiting for Uncle Brians train to arrive. Sam was safely back in the carseat when it was time to leave.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Crying + Tooth

My very grown up daughter is just about sitting up (she can for several seconds on her own) and has her first tooth! She is also my very very sad daughter at the moment. Poor Sam. Tim already wants to know when she can have "real" food.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sorry for not posting...

Well Sam and I have had a really busy few days. Friday we drove down to Long Island to see Jim & Lisa. Sam cannot wait for Lisa to have a new friend for Sam to play with, they are having a boy and we are all so excited. Then we went to see Danielle and our other friends. We stayed over and Sam was just okay going to sleep in someone elses crib. We had a busy day Saturday going to a shower. Sunday we went wedding dress shopping with Aunt Katie and Grandma and then Uncle Brian came to visit. Then Monday and Tuesday was our "weekend" with Tim. So so busy... I have some pictures to post documenting the busy weekend. Here's the first one, Sam with Lisa.

Stay at Home Mom Week #3 (I'm late, I know)

Let's see Week #3 was sucessful.
# of times I ate baby food - 0 (I'm getting better, leaving it for Sam)
# of naps a day - 2 (we're kind of getting on a schedule)
# of days out in the pouring rain - 1 (Sam thought it was funny)
# of days back to New York - 1
# of days stayed in - 1
# of times having Lean Pockets for dinner - 3
# of meals "housewife mom" cooked - 0
# of times Samantha rolled over - countless

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The last 6 months

I went to get Sam new pj's because hers were all getting too short, her legs are long! I saw the same pair that she had in newborn size. So I got out this pic of her when she wore those, I think newborn is 5 to 8 pounds, she was so tiny. The new pj's are size 6-9 months. I can't believe she is 6 months old! The first pic is from 12/20. She is getting so big! She is like a real person now, not a little doll like she was then.

And after the rolling...

Rolling In Action


I am loving the taste of baby food more and more each day. I know it's wierd but I can't help it, it's yummy. This morning I forced myself not to eat any (after the first bite). Sam loved the carrots (they were really good). She didn't love the spinach, too bad I'll have to eat it. Just kidding, I'll make her try it a few more times before making it my lunch. I read that babies sometimes need to try a food 10 to 15 times before liking it. When they make a face (like with the spinach) it's not that they don't like it it's just that they're not used to it. Tim is convinced that she's going to eat everything. He's not taking no for an answer. He actually asked me if I thought he could put a drop of wine in her food for flavor, he said that alcohol would go away while cooking, I still said no. She'll have to wait a bit for the "real" gourmet cooking.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blah, blah...

Well yesterday Tim made so much baby food for Sam that she will be eating pureed veggies until she's 3. She won't need the teeth that are coming very very soon. She has peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach, sweet onions (I told Tim that was gross but he didn't listen), cantaloupe and more. It's really yummy. We've actually been doing SAm gets 1 bite, Mom gets 2, which I have to stop because my bites are much bigger than Sams and then there won't be any left. It has been gross out, rainy and not fun at all. We have been reading Dr. Seuss and are desperately in need of "Cat in Hat" to come visit, without messing up the house, of course. I cannot decide what to do. Should we do all the errands I should be doing... probably. But right now Sams sleeping so I am planning our upcoming trip to Florida to visit Sams great great grandma who she hasn't met yet. It will be Sams first flight! And first real vacation, so exciting!

We also went to Sams cousin Christinas 3rd grade play, Let's Hear It For America! It was wonderful. Good job Christina! Here's a very old pic of Sam and Christina since yesterday we still hadn't found the charger.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back to NYC

Well yesterday we randomly decided to go back to New York for the day. This actually came about because the night before Tim and I were watching, "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" and it was based in New York... blah, blah, blah. Anyway we didn't call anyone until 11 AM yesterday so we didn't get to see everyone we were hoping to. But we went to Wallse, got an oil change (that's what everyone goes to NY for, right?), went shopping in Soho, had dinner with my friend Louise, and stopped by Peters apartment to watch the Yankee game. I did something unforgivable...I didn't have a camera with me. I know, awful. Even more awful is that I can't find my camera charger, so I won't be able to take any pictures until I find it. I am tearing the house apart as we speak, don't worry! Samantha behaved beautifully out to dinner and out all day. As soon as we got out of the car, which she hates, she was fine. She displayed her new acrobatic moves for her Uncle Peter and he was very impressed. It was a fun day. Now I have to go find my charger...

Friday, June 02, 2006

What to do?

Sam and I are having a little struggle. Every night she falls asleep while I'm feeding her the bottle, then I put her in her crib. Some people think that's a bad habit and that I should let her fall asleep on her own and "cry it out". Tonight I put her in bed awake and she cried for 25 minutes before I went and picked her up. As soon as I pick her up she goes right to sleep. It's so easy that way, why should I let her cry? And it was painful letting her cry for 25 minutes. Well after that I think Sam decided to punish me for letting her cry. Since then she's been waking up and crying every hour or so. She's having a really hard night tonight, could it be because I let her cry in the beginning. I'm really not sure what to do with this one. With most parenting things, I know what I want to do:
Breastfeeding: Pro, but not for too long, I did it for 4 months and was happy with that
Cosleeping: Con, however, if she wakes up in the morning I will feed her and then she can go back to sleep in the bed
Reading: Pro, pro, pro. I've been reading to Sam since she was in utero, and do every night. It's impt to teach them this early on.
TV: Con, I don't want Sam to watch TV until she's at least 2, no kid shows, if sometimes she catches some small parts of TV with us, that's okay.
Music: Pro, I've been playing Mozart for her since in utero.
Pacifiers: Only when napping, sleeping, or really upset. After a year none at all.

So, as you can see, I pretty much know what I think about things, but not this one. I go back and forth, should I let her cry, shouldn't I? I just don't know... But I'm leaning towards no, we still have a routine, same thing happens, same time for bedtime, so is it so bad if she falls asleep in the rocker in my arms instead of on my own. It'll stop on it's own as she gets bigger, right? Oh well, I'm sure we'll have more updates about the ongoing saga of whether or not to cry-it-out. As always, Samantha has us wrapped around her tiny little finger.


Happy birthday Great Grandpa, Aunt Sue, and soon-to-be Uncle Mike!


We have victory! After about 2 months of rolling over and then getting stuck on her arm Sam has finally rolled all the way over on her own! Yesterday morning she was on the floor and couldn't do it and about 10 minutes later she did it, then did it over and over again. It's her new favorite thing. Now we have to work on sitting up and crawling...

Stay at Home Mom Week #2

# of days without leaving the house - 2
# of hours spent talking "baby talk" - 51
Average time we got dressed - 1:00
# of outfits Samantha ruined learning to eat - 14
# of days Sam and I didn't take a shower/bath - 1 (not my fault, we had no hot water)
# of meals I ate baby food with Samantha - 1 (the bananas are really good)
# of bottles washed - 28
# of times Samantha was just so so cute - countless

Look at those thighs, I just want to eat them!

So let's see this week we went out east Mon and Tues. Wed. Sam and I cleaned and organized our living room. That was also the day we had no hot water, oh well. We put or cats outside every day this week, we are trying to get them to be outdoor cats. One is more thrilled than the other. Samantha is eating like a crazy person. She can't wait in between spoonfuls. Right not she just finished applesauce and is whining in between every bite for more and grabbing the spoon for more. She's also teething and always wants something in her mouth. She's grabbing my shirt, blankets, anything she can get her little chubby hands on. On Thursday we went to see Sams Great Nana and great Aunt Karen and cousins. She had a great time and was very happy to see them. I was a bad mommy and forgot to take pictures. But they live close by and we'll go again very soon. Well Samantha is dying for some more attention right now so I will update more later...

Our "Weekend"

I know I'm late, it's Friday and I'm telling you what we did on our weekend. However, I get some leeway b/c our weekend is not Saturday and Sunday, it was Monday and Tuesday because those were Tims days off. We went to my inlaws. All the way out in East Marion, Long Island. Which turns out it not that bad of a ride, so you should all come visit us soon! We had a great time. We got to see Sams cousins, who are so so cute and I can't wait until Sam is a little bigger so they can all play together. And we had a great time seeing everyone else too. The girls are so cute, they all play on the blanket outside. Watching Ava is great because you get to see what Sam will do in a few short months.

Thursday, June 01, 2006