Monday, July 31, 2006

Katie & Mike Engagement Pics Part One

busy busy...

well we have been so busy. We had my sisters Engagement Party and then we went to the Cape. We have lots of pictures to show you but I'm having some computer problems so it's taking some time to get them up and running. We also have lots of parties in the next few weeks and lots to do. My to do list is:
1 - Print all my pictures and put in album
2 - Find a job
3 - Buy bday gifts for Ava and Emma Kate
4 - Plan Baptism for Samantha
5 - Get Samanthas ears pierced
6 - Start my house search

I know, a lot to do, right?

Cape - Part One

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One more...

We also saw Sams cousins Ryan and Nicholas this weekend. They love playing with her, Nick especially loves showing Sam how to play with her toys. We'll see you guys soon!

Sams dress


Our Weekend - Part Tres

We went to the Kaers on Sunday to see Aunt Denise, Uncle Kevin, Sara, and Madison. Sam played with her cousins and Madison even fed her for me so I got a break! Sam started whining a little, then someone said, do you think she's tired, I said probably, then looked down and she was asleep in about a second! It was so funny. And she really looked like a sweet innocent little angel. But we all know that's not really true...


I'm finally getting used to Sam eating cookies and I'm not totally nervous. I still check her mouth a lot to make sure she doesn't have a lot in there. But what everyone told me is true, it really does dissolve. She really does love them...

My kid is cuter than yours...

sorry but it's so true, don't you agree? The evidence is all right here on this blog.

Samantha has just starting really playing with toys, she gets so excited with toys she likes, she kicks, and makes funny noises. It is so cute...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Part Deux

On Friday Sam and I drove to Campbell Hall NY to visit our friend Ellen. Ellen has goats, sheep, chickens, and roosters. It was so neat. Sam had a great time with the animals and she even pet the goat! Samantha was the entertainment of the party. The best part of bringing Sam along to places when other kids are not there is that she really is the entertainment and everyone wants to hold and play with her, so it kind of gives me a break. The hardest part is bedtime in a strange place, she always seems to have trouble going to sleep when we're out, I guess that's understandable. It's a lot more noisy than she's used to and she's sleeping in a different bed. Well we had a great time, and can't wait to go back!

We have a lot of exciting things coming up this summer, Katie's engagement party, a trip to Cape Cod, Emma's birthday party, Ava's birthday party, and a wedding! We have something every weekend, I think Sam needs some new clothes for all the occasions!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

This Weekend Part One

One of the many things we did this weekend was go to my friend Lisa's shower. How cute does she look? She looks great and is due in only 6 weeks. It is so exciting. Sam will have a little new friend to play with. We went and helped out at Lisa's baby shower and Sam was so well behaved. She sat on the floor and played and smiled at everyone and practiced her crawling. She was just so good I almost couldn't believe it. And, she napped! Can you believe that? I know, it's amazing. She napped on her own for over an hour and during mealtime which was a real bonus. I actually got to eat a full meal without interruptions. More on the weekend to come...


Doesn't this little girl look so sweet and innocent? Well after talking with someone this weekend whose son rolls over and goes to sleep completely on his own and decided Samantha needs to do the same thing. I have been rocking her to sleep for too long. So tonight I put her in and she was practically asleep. Well she woke up and starting crying...and crying...and crying. She cried for 1 hour! Can you believe it? She finally fell asleep after crying for so long. Every 15 minutes I went in and rubbed her back and told her it was okay. When I was in there she was quiet but as soon as I left she would cry like crazy. Well we got through the first night, which I hear is the worst. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am detemined to have a perfect little angel who goes to sleep by herself in a week or so. Wish us luck...


So I have a confession to make, I have not lost all my baby weight. I pretend that I have but in reality I have not. So by telling all of you this secret I figure you can ask me how I'm doing so that hopefully I'll be motivated to lose the weight. I didn't care all that much, it's about 7 pounds. Then when our anniversary past a few days ago I was looking at honeymoon pictures and realized how I looked so much thinner. So here's a picture of me on my honeymoon, and here's one of me last year on our anniversary, obviously pregnant. Today I did great. I exercised, ate well, and feel good about my day. I'm keeping a food and exercise log in the hope that when you write things down it will motivate you to do well. Wish me luck, I think I'll lose it in no time.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy Weekends~

Sam and I have a busy weekend. We are off to Campbell Hall, NY for a party tomorrow, but first we have playgroup in the morning. Then we have a baby shower in Garden City on Saturday and we'll be home on Sunday. We'll take lots of pics! Today we made some corn and after taking it off the cob Sam was going crazy trying to eat it. How cute is this? Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Learning Every Day

Samantha is getting so big it's hard to believe. She is "creeping", also known as "kind of sort of crawling". I think any day now she'll be really crawling. She is holding her bottle like a pro. Lately when she's tired she has been scratching herself in the same spot. This was really bothering me because she would always have some sort of scratch there. I would put my hand under hers so that she couldn't scratch it. Finally I started putting a blankie in her hand. That seems to be working. Instead of scratching herself she is holding the blankie and rubbing it on her face. Much better, and now Sam doesn't wind up looking like she got in a fight with the cat. I wish I was kidding but seriously sometimes it would look really bad. If I cut her nails, they're sharp and she scratches herself, if they're not freshly cut she still scratches herself. It doesn't matter! And I know, they make those mittens but she's too big for them, she doesn't like them, and neither do I! We'll update you later but I think for now we have the problem solved.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Mom & Dad! You look so happy in this picture of you on your honeymoon, it's hard to believe in only 3 short years you are so much happier with me in your lives! I love you!
Love, Sam

Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Update

This past weekend Sam saw her first fireworks! She was unimpressed, she looked at them without any real reacton, just kind of looked... then she rolled towards me and went to sleep. Seriously, first time hearing really loud bangs and bright lights and she goes to sleep... it figures. So can you explain to me why when she's napping and I go to put her down she wakes up but can sleep through fireworks...I have no clue...

Sunday we went to Long Island and saw my grandparents and cousins, they all had a great time with Sam and did not care nearly as much that I was there...

Monday Sam went swimming in the pool with my god daughter Emma Kate. They had fun together, Emma will be 2 next month and she is the cutest thing ever. Samantha will be a flower girls in my sister Katie's wedding next year, Emma will be in a wedding next month so these are the pictures of her in her dress so Katie can see how cute the dress is...

Oh and Samantha almost-kind of-sort if crawled today. By that I mean I'm sure she'll do it really soon. She went up on all 4's for a while and was going back and forth, then she kind of scootched (that's a word, right?) herself over to her toys more than once. I kept moving her toy away and she went to get it. I can tell crawling will be right around the corner... my little baby is getting so big!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sams new friend

Sam has a new friend, McKenzie, they looked so cute playing together last weekend. Sam is only about 6 months younger than McKenzie but Kenzie does so much more! It's hard to believe that Sam will be starting to walk and say some words in about 6 months!

My family

For some reason I feel like I never get pictures of all 3 of us. Maybe because Tim is always working! Every week I think, okay on tims next day off we need a family picture. But then I never remember when the day comes! Or I think of it when we're alone and have no one to take the picture. Well Tim will be off next Friday and we are going to get a family picture! And this time he will be off 4 days in a row so I have 4 days to remember! So for now I have 1 of me & Sam and 1 of Sam & Tim... next weekend we'll get a family picture.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Life as a SAHM

Well this is week 8 of staying home. What have Sam and I been doing with all our time? Well if I'm being honest, a whole lot of nothing. That's not totally true I'm just being a bit pessimistic at the moment. My daughter and I have spent hours and hours playing and having fun. We've been on a few exciting excursions (Florida, Boston, and the infamous Long Island). I have spent too much time on the internet (I'm working on checking my email less often). I have organized all my photos of Sam. I do feel like I need a few more concrete things on my schedule. So here's my new plan: every Wed we will go to playgroup from 10-12, the first one is tomorrow, wish us luck.

I spend countless hours researching online what kinds of classes I can take with Sam within 45 of here. I found swimming, mommy and me yoga, playgroup, and Kindermusik class, would you believe that all of these take place on Wednesday mornings? How is that possible, well it is. We choose playgroup becuase it is the longest (2 hours) closest (less than 10 min) and the cheapest (only $15 at the community center). So we will go Growing together Playgroup for the next 8 weeks and then we will hopefully try music class. It is unbelievable how long it took me to find something to do with Sam. We live in the middle of nowhere (sorry mom and dad, I'm not complaining we love it here, but it is the middle of nowhere).

My other projects include embrodiery (I know, don't ask), beginning my house search (looking into school districts and stuff like that to determine WHERE we want to live), exercising more, eating better, and looking for a part time job. I am thoroughly conflicted between wanting to work a little b/c it would be nice to have extra money and I'm a little bored, but more about that in a later post. i am determined to have more scheduled days. This way I will be less bored, happier, and feel like I'm accomplishing things. These are the goals for the week.

Loving Fisher Price

I am just loving the classic toys by Fisher Price. I just can't decide what Sam needs first. I especially love the peek a blocks and roll a rounds. I (I mean Sam) want them all!

Roc'n the RocaWear

Betcha didn't know Sam rocks the RocaWear. They're Tims favorite pj's. I didn't know Jayz's clothing line made pink heart pajamas, but hey, they're pretty cute...

Oh so cute...

How cute would Sam look in these? I think she needs at least one of them. She can get 1 thing a month, this is my new rule starting in July. I really like the Fisher Price toys, especially the touch and feel blocks and the Peter Rabbit books. But her July gift might be one of these t-shirts instead.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bambina Designer Duds

I admit Samantha has some baby gear and clothes that are supposedly trendy baby things right now. I know, it's silly. They're overpriced I'm sure. But they are made well and sometimes quality things cost money. However, I'm not convinced on the designer duds for babies. Samantha has the cutest little hot pink and green t-shirt by Paulina Quintana. I'm sure it was overpriced, but I lived in Brooklyn and when I saw it in a boutique while still pregnant I couldn't resist. It was only in size 6-9 months and I bought it anyway. Well now she can finally wear it and thank god I took the the tag off because I don't want to know how much the t-shirt that should have been $2 cost. When I put it on her today I noticed that the snaps on the onesies are not snaps but buttons! Cna't you believe it? What mom who has so many things to do and is changing diapers in seconds wants to take the time to button the onesie? I understand yes, the buttons look pretty (but they're under her clothes), I'm assuming that is partially why it is overpriced. After I fed her and the shirt got covered with string beans and baby food turkey dinner I realized again how silly it is to have "designer" baby clothes. Makes no sense at all... it's just going in the hamper to be sprayed with Dreft Stain Remover like everything else... never again.