Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I got a phone call at 8 AM today, and I was still sleeping, which of course was a miracle in itself. I couldn't find the phone and didn't get to it i time. When I got downstairs an checked the caller ID it was the person I used to babysit for. I figured it was an emergency since she lives down the street, but then I checked my messages. She wants me to babysit today at 12 so she can go into the city. I have had 6 blissful weeks babysitting free. I quit babysitting back in May, but then they got me to babysit for the month of August because I always feel guilty and I could use the money so I said yes. Now let me just say that last week I called her to see if she'd be interested in having dinner at Tims restaurant and she never called back.

So I called Tim this morning and said what do I say. I know it's weird but I do need help with these things, I feel so guilty about saying no. Tim said, "you don't babysit anymore, why would you say yes?". I said to help out a friend. Tim said, "really, she's a friend, it seems like she's only a friend when she needs something". So I guess that's all I'll just say no. I really don't like babysitting, it's for 3 kids and it's just too much.

And now at 8:32 my baby is finally waking up so I have to go get her.

Does anyone else get themselves in situations like these?

Friday, October 05, 2007


I have to work like crazy this weekend. I'm going in at 7. Get a break from 2ish to 5ish. The go back from 5 to 11. The joys of sort of owning your own business. But seriously I don't mind. I'm looking forward to it. We are having dinners at the store every Saturday night. We close at 3, and then will have 2 seatings. It should really help us to get a lot of business next year for the restaurant. And Tim is a fantastic chef, once people eat his food I know they'll come back. And... I get tips! Yipee!

I still have not found my camera! How is this possible? I have no clue, it has to be somewhere. And I still have the pics from my sisters bachelorette party and a few other on there. It's been almost a month, and my house is really clean. So I'm thinking somehow it's gone. So sad... My baby is growing up before our eyes and we aren't even documenting it. Send good camera vibes my way.

Nothing else exciting to say, we went to music today, and had lunch with a friend, that's about it...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh shit!

You're allowed to curse on the internet, right? Is it weird that I felt a little weird about titling this post a curse word, or even using one? Hey, I'm the person who still VERY rarely curses in front of my parents.

A few weeks ago my mom said, "hey Samantha said 'Oh shit". I said no way. She hasn't even said that in front of us and besides that doesn't happen to be a four letter word that I use frequently. Well, it happened. Apparently, even though mommy doesn't say "Oh Sh*t" on a regular basis, it seems to be Samantha's curse of choice.
So now the inevitable, how do we handle this? Tim thinks the way to handle it to laugh uncontrollably and call me in to witness the act.
I decided that we completely ignore it, and I decided to start saying "Oh no" in a funny voice whenever I drop something. So maybe it will be more fun to say that.

Oh, did I mention that she uses it in the right context? We can't really be mad at that can we, at least she's smart, my future English major...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I went over my email quote today, but that's because my sister emailed me the proofs from her wedding! All 500 hundred of them. So I had to analyze them and save them, I still have to order the ones I want. Her photographer was amazing, I'd highly recommend him but he doesn't come cheap, so now I have to carefully choose which pics I want. The ones I posted are some of my favorites. This is my favorite of Katie and Mike.

More Wedding

The Wedding