Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sorry no time to blog this week, we're moving this weekend and I have tons to do.
Updates next week.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What's Going On...

Let's see, I've been lazy and just been posting pics lately. But hey, at least you're getting something. We've been busy, as always, Easter was crazy and flew by. This week we're working a lot, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Samantha and I went to music class today. It is a different place than her last Music class and we really liked it. It's called Music Together and we got CD's a a songbook so we can learn the songs. As soon as we got there Samantha was walking all over the room and checking it out. She seemed perfectly comfortable there. Sometimes I wonder where Samantha gets this socialness from. Tim and I are not the most outgoing people. While starting to sing Samantha was walking up to all the other kids. While playing the instruments she walked up to another mom and helped herself to the instrument the mom was using. She did share and give the mom her instrument. So at least she's being nice.
I was at a playgroup a few days ago and the facilitator asked everyone what the want there kids to learn and take with them throughout life. I was thinking that being happy is the most impt thing. Some other moms said being honest and polite. Which is also important, but today I was thinking that if she can keep being social like this that would be great. Some kids are so painfully shy and I'd much rather Samantha be outgoing, which I think will help her to be happier too.
She is just so happy, friendly, and full of life right now. It's pretty amazing to watch her interacting with other people.

By the way, here's Sam at the Easter Egg Hunt Saturday at the gun club. Did I mention this already? Is it just me, but is there something wierd about having a childrens Easter Egg Hunt at the gun club??? I guess that's how they do it in the country, we're still new to country life. Don't worry all guns were safely locked away. It was actually just big fields where they hid the eggs.

Happy Easter

Another happy easter pic! Here are the kids doing there Easter egg hunt. It was freezing outside. And this morning there is some snow on the ground. When is spring coming? I'm going to be late for work, so gotta go. Will try to write later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Is This?...

Could it be...candy?!?
Believe or not Sam did not have candy for Easter, she was too littel to know what it was. She played with candy, her cousins ate candy, but I figured if this year I can easily keep her from eating it I might as well. We don't need cavities in those little tiny teeth. Did your kids eat candy?? Am I a mean mom? My neice who is 3 months older did have candy so I'm feeling a little mean, but still I'm sure she'll have enough next year, when she DOES get it. And really, she certainly knows what cookies are and has enough of those.


Easter was really fun. It was a pretty drawn out holiday. Thursday Samantha got a present from Mimi and Grandpa, this chair and ottoman. She loves it. She is so cute, she plops herself down and puts her feet up. It is the perfect chair for her.
Fri some things came in the mail for her, Sat we went to an Easter egg hunt and dyed eggs, of course. And Sun was Easter and we hunted for eggs and had tons of family over. Samantha is very spoiled by all of her cousins. They give her so much attention, I think she was laughing and playing every second of the weekend, which is just how it should be. I'll post more Easter pics throughout the week.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Friday

Here's my big girl, looking all proud of herself. She loves to sit on things, she's a little wierd. : )

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Almost Bedtime

I was at a playgroup today and moms we're talking about never having time to themselves and feeling like they were "just moms" because of that. We were all asked whether we get time to ourselves daily, weekly, or monthly. One mom said daily. When asked to elaborate she said the kids go to bed at 8, then she has time to clean up and go to bed. I don't think of this as time to myself. I thought time to myself was time when I'm not expected to do "mom/housewife things" at all. What do you guys think? Do you get time to yourself, if so how and what does that entail?

Also, Sam really needs a haircut, right? What am I going to do with this hair?

I Love NYC

New York was fun. Samantha felt right at home, she loved the subway, and stopped to chat to as many people who would talk to her. We went shopping, saw some friends, and had a fun time. However, Mon night when we got to NY Samantha was pretty awful.. She woke up when we got there and would not go back to sleep. We usually will leave at bedtime so then we put her right into bed when we get somewhere, and she stays asleep. Not this time. Maybe it's the age?? She woke up when we got there and stayed up until 2 AM!!! Does anyone have any tips for traveling with toddlers and dealing witht he bedtime schedules? And, she still got up at 7! She did take a lot of naps yesterday but that didn't help us since we couldn't take naps. I really don't want to hold off on trips for the next few years but Monday night was the worst we've ever had with her. Help!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Just because it was easy

So now here's 2 more pics from our vacation that I'm posting just because I am in shock of how quickly that last picture uploaded. Here's a bad picture of me, Tim, & Sam at Chichen Itza and a picture of the cenote.
I would post 10 times a day if I had high speed.


I know, again I'm apologizing for not posting. Let's see what's my excuse this time? I don't even know where the last week went. On my day off last Thursday I was so busy, had tons to do, and even a birthday party. Over the weekend was my Dads birthday celebration and just regular business. I have a hard time posting when I don't have pictures to post. Now we're in the city and I'm taking advantage of the high speed internet. I know it's awful but I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have high speed at home, so you guys should all be really impressed that I post at all.
Anyway, enough complaining, Samantha is now a great walker! In a week she has really improved on the skill, we are happy she's on track and now want her to slow down (just kidding!) She has taken to chasing the cats around the house. If anyone wants a new cat we're giving 2 away for free to a good home (don't tell Tim I said that). But seriously, have a cat, it's our Easter gift to you.
Here's a picture from the winter, but isn't this funny of Sam & Courtney. Samantha looks like she thinking, stop touching me. We will have all sorts of fun adventures in NYC tomorrow and I will post about them at some point this week. Have a good week.