Friday, May 26, 2006

Sams Wish List

Sams wish list:
1 - A pretty new dress
2 - Teething rings (so she stops eating her hands)
3 - Swimming Lessons
4 - Learn to crawl this summer
5 - A Pony (She's really cute, she deserves a pony)
6 - New diaper bag, like this one from Coach (or maybe that's my wish list)

Yes this is post #5 today...

So I thought this was appropriate:

Sam is thinking - When is my mom going back to work so I can stop being her doll?

How cute is this?

Congratulations Aunt Katie!

Congratulations Aunt Katie and soon to be Uncle Mike!
We can't wait for the wedding!

Yummy - Part 2

Okay, this is Samantha really eating. She loves her food! She grabs the spoon to get more. If I don't feed her fast enough she grabs her bib and eats what fell on her bib. This girl loves to eat!


Samantha can now eat food, we're supposed to start her on veggies. She can have asparagus, right?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stay at Home Mom Week #1

Well this is week one of operation SAHM. So far Samantha and I have done many exciting things. Today for example, we did not get dressed until 1:30. However, we did accomplish many important things this morning. We organized our bills, our files, and our photos. Then we played. It's kind of amazing that 2 weeks ago I had gotten to work at 8:30 and had done all kinds of things by 1:30. And today I'm actually claiming that organizing a few things and playing is an accomplishment? Who am I?

I also realized that we have no money. However, if you know me, you know that I ALWAYS think I have no money. I could have tons of money saved but because that isn't money I can use "I have no money". There are all kinds of reasons why I could "have no money" but really I do. This drives my husband crazy.
I know you're thinking but don't you:
1 - have hardly any bills right now (yes but I quit my job too)
2 - not even pay rent and live in your parents basement (this is not a basement, it's a two family house, but you're right I don't pay rent)
3 - didn't you want this (that one is true and I'm totally thrilled with my decision but I can still complain)

Week 1 of our move was a "vacation" because Tim wasn't working. So we have been "staying home" for about 4 days now. On Day 5 we will: vacuum, go for a walk, go to the post office. Wow, the excitement, I bet you can't wait to read the next post.


Well tonight I made the horrible mistake of putting my child to bed while she was still awake, barely awake mind you. I couldn't help it. She finished her whole bottle (which she never does) and I finished reading the whole Mad About Madeline book (which I never finish). She looked drowsy so I put her down. Well approximately 15 seconds after I left the room she started crying. Okay, well it is not abusing your child to let them fall asleep on their own. So believe it or not, I LET HER CRY. I know, it's awful. So I went about my business and straightened things up willing Samantha to go to sleep on her own. This by the way, doesn't work, I was hoping but no luck. So after 10 minutes I went in there, I know this kid has me wrapped around her finger. I went in thinking Oh,poor Samantha she must be overtired (I always think this, what does this even mean? If you're tired you go to sleep, overtired means you can't sleep?, whatever) but I digress, so I pick her up and right away she stops crying. Then the kicker is that she picks up her head with a look that says, she really did pick me up right? Then she smiles, like ha! I knew you'd come. I thought she was distraught and upset so why does she stop and smile so quickly? Obviously she knows who's in control of things in this house. Then in about 15 seconds of her head on my shoulder she's sleeping soundly. Round One Samantha obviously won. We'll see about Round Two...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reasons I Miss The City:
- My cell phone never works!
- I went hiking and saw a snake (gasp!) I know it’s crazy, I was scared.
- My friends.
- I could get any food I want just a few blocks away.

Reasons I Love the Country:
- There is lots of grass and trees!
- My dog and my baby are very happy.
- We can go hiking whenever we want, walk along the water, anything!
- I have HBO and get to watch lots of new exciting shows I’ve never seen before!
- I get to go to story hour and music class with Samantha.
- I can drive places without being stressed out or in traffic (No BQE!) and I get to put all my bags in the car, and not have to lug them home with the stroller.
- We have tons more room!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

New digs...

Well we have been super busy. We moved last weekend! So getting ready to move, moving, and getting our new place ready has been time consuming. No time for blogging. And no time for new pictures. But I'm back on it. I took some pictures yesterday and I'm making it my job to take lots of pictures. Sam is being very good and learning new things every day. She is eating rice ceral, she loves it. I will have to take a pic of her eating. She even grabs the spoon to get it all the way in her mouth, so cute. Everything is going in her mouth these days. Bibs, hands, clothes... everything. Tim starts his new job Saturday, this week we have been have "family fun" week, doing fun things together every day. More about that later...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where have I been?

I know, we've been MIA this week. We're very busy preparing for our move, and trying to see people. This week Sam and I went shopping in Union Square, we had a great time and went to lots of stores. Wed we went out with friends for dinner, Sam got to see her friend Simon, who is very interested in her and doesn't seem to understand why she won't get up and play with him. This weekend Samantha is going to have a lot of fun. She is going overnight with her Grandma and Grandpa. To be honest, I'm a little nervous. I pretending Sam will miss me, but really I will miss her. I'll just have to get up early on Sunday and go get her right away. Samantha is seeming a lot bigger lately. She smiles so easily and laughs and is really such a happy baby. As long as you are talking to her she's happy.